Silver Aluminum Alloy Reptile Enclosure Screen Cage NX-06

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Silver Aluminum alloy reptile enclosure screen cage

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Aluminum alloy

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Available in 4 sizes, suitable for different sizes reptiles
Silver color is fashionable and beautiful
Suitable for many types of reptiles, such as turtles, snakes, spiders and other amphibians
Light weight and assemblable, easy to transport and save shipping cost
Can be assembled simply and quickly, no tools needed
Using magnetic suction and locking technology to make the cage more secure and prevent the pets from escaping
Using high quality aluminum alloy material, more durable and solid
Mesh screen cage, better air ventilation, helpful for reptile living
Using wrapping technology, safe and no harm to your pets
Side-opening front door can be opened or closed at will

 Product Introduction

The aluminum alloy reptile enclosure screen cage can provide a comfortable living place for your reptiles. The cage has four sizes for you to choose, suitable for different sizes of reptiles. Silver color is fashionable and beautiful. The cage uses high quality aluminum alloy material, not easy to rust, also make the frame body and mesh more durable and stable but the weight is light. The use of the wrapping technology makes the corners more beautiful and safer for your reptiles. The aluminum mesh is to make the cage has better air ventilation and you can observe your pets at any time and angle. Also it has lock to prevent the reptiles from escaping. The assemblable design not only makes the packaging volume smaller to save transportation costs, but also let the clients enjoy the fun of assembling and it’s easy and convenient to assemble, no tools needed. The reptile enclosure screen cage is perfect for different types of reptile pets, such as snakes, spiders, turtles, lizards, chameleons and many other amphibians.

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